Restoule Hunting

The Restoule area offers great hunting opportunities.   Hunting on acres of crown land provides the novice and the expert with good opportunities for success.  Game-rich forests are home to variety of wildlife such as fowl, bear, deer, and moose.

Game-rich forests are the perfect setting to enjoy one of our Restoule hunting packages

Restoule Hunting Packages with Accommodations

The facilities at Cedar Grove Camp are well suited for hunters.  Our cottages are warm, dry and fully equipped to ensure your satisfaction after a long day’s hunt.  We have the necessary facilities to deal with your game as well.

We offer some guided hunt packages and often work with local guides.

Types of Restoule Hunting Available:

  • Small Game – open during the Season.
  • Deer Hunt – open for Bow Hunting only.
  • Moose Hunt – Cedar Grove Camp has tourist outfitter moose tags for our moose hunt packages.  However, there is already a significant waiting list for groups interested in this.  No other moose hunting available during this time.
  • Bear Hunting – open to residents and non-residents for the spring and fall hunt.  We work in conjunction with other operators with BMA’s.  Please call for more information.

We are located in WMU#47.  Please check all hunting and firearm regulations that apply for this area.

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