ATV Trails

ATV trails in our area are fun, and don't require passes.The ATV trails in Restoule are awesome.  If you’re just beginning, no problem – there’s great trails for you to learn.  If you’re advanced and looking for some great mud & terrain, we’ve got that too.  Let us plan the route for you.  Enjoy the scenery and stop by many beautiful back lakes along the way.

Restoule ATV trails are unmarked with no formal ATV Club, so there are no trail passes required.  But don’t worry, we are ATVer’s ourselves so we’ll help you get on your way and provide you with some simple maps and guidance.

Your own ATV is required.  Rentals are not available. 

Best Seasons For Our ATV Trails:

Spring and Fall are best for ATVing, but don’t plan a trip during the Deer Hunt or Moose Hunt in the Fall.  Contact us for more info about the best time to book your stay.

You’ll find our cottages warm and inviting when you return, and of course you’ll be able to wash your ATV when you’re done.

ATV Riders enjoying an ATV Trail in Restoule

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